At Revolution Auto Design, we offer a variety of styling service for your vehicle. All of our services are performed with industry qualified, trained, and professional installers. Our shop, located in El Cajon specializes in high end car wraps and detailing. We offer full Color Change Wraps, Partial Wraps, Clear Bra, Powder Coating, and Window Tinting. Paint protection films, including vehicle wraps, allow you to customize and create a unique look to your car, while protecting your vehicle at the same time. We are dedicated to the industry of vinyl wrapping and auto styling. We keep our standards high, and our services top of line. We deliver nothing short of the very best to our cars, our clients, and their cars.

As more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits wrapping a vehicle offers, we want to touch on why the quality of a wrap matters.

Vinyl films are large pieces of polyurethane film. There are basically two types of film -calendared and cast. We want to focus on cast vinyl films, being that is the best type of material for vehicle application. The reason behind cast being the best for autos, are the raw materials used in the creation of the film. Specific ingredients are used for heat stability and UV protection, as well as for conformability and application. An automobile has a lot of curves and contours. Cast vinyl allows for flexibility around these curves and contours.

That being said, not all cast vinyls contain the same quality of raw materials. There are vinyl manufacturers that have spent a lot of time, research, and resources to develop high quality vinyl films that have a long life span, retain their color, and produce little to no shrinkage. Companies like 3M and Avery have been part of revolutionizing vinyl films, especially for the auto industry. Their films tend to cost a little bit more than cheap films, but their overall quality will save you money in the long run. What you put into something is what you get out of it. A knock off vinyl film may look good when it’s applied, but the life of the wrap will not endure the same. Bubbling, cracking, peeling, color fading, and lifting, are all consequences of a cheap film made with low quality materials.

We want you to know that at Revolution Auto Design, we only work with the best vinyl films in the industry, and have developed installation techniques that provide the best look for your vehicle.


Vinyl wrap installation is not something we take lightly here. While the rest of the vehicle wrap industry is clamoring at the clock to see who can install wraps the fastest on the cheap, we’re taking our time with every inch of vinyl film that gets laid down on your car. We pride ourselves in achieving excellence on every wrap we install, and we’re constantly challenging ourselves to raise the bar of quality with each installation.

With the variety of vinyl wrap films, textures, colors, and finishes available today, you can completely transform your car into a masterpiece. Beyond the esthetic value a car wrap offers, it also acts a protective film, protecting your vehicle.

We utilize the latest vinyl materials & equipment to keep our skills ahead of the curve. We’re always looking to push the envelope with each project we produce whether it’s just a simple accent application, full color change wrap, or a labor-intensive masterpiece for public display! The skill and precision we put forth in each wrap installation, shines through in the end product.

Vinyl Materials Used:

  • 3M
  • Oracle
  • Avery Dennison
  • Hexis


Window tinting is a simple process where a thin, transparent sheet of film is applied to a vehicle’s window. Window tint helps to reduce radiation and heat from the sun. Tinting your cars windows, also reduces glare, making it easier to drive even if the sun is in your eyes. Window tint can be of a great benefit for many reasons if you do a lot of driving. At the end of the day, the most common reason people go and get their window tinted is to make their car look great. Whether you want to customize and complete the look of your car with a clean window tint, or you seek protection from the California sun, give us a call.

Window Tint Benefits:

  • Block 99% harmful UV rays
  • Reduce heat within vehicle
  • Reduce glare
  • Privacy
  • Complete the look of your car


Powder Coating is the process of using dry powder applied through electrostatic spray, which is then cured under heat to form a “skin”. The choice of colors and finishes are limitless, as long as the powder coating manufacturers offer it. Powder coating produces a high specification coating which is tough, hard, and abrasion resistant. Create a finished look on your car and explore powder coating.

Colors & Finishes:

  • Matte’s
  • Satin’s
  • Variety of colors


Paint protection film, also know as clear bra, is the most effective way of protecting the paint and look of your vehicle. That’s why it’s not surprising that many new vehicle purchases come straight to our El Cajon shop from the dealership. The last thing anyone wants on their new vehicle is rock chips peppered all over the front bumper. Here at HoW, we can apply your vehicle with a variety of customized “clear bra” kits, tailored specifically to the body of your vehicle. Starting with the most basic, entry level paint protection film, moving all the way up to completely custom, total car coverage, and satin clear vehicle wraps, we offer more combinations of clear bra coverage in El Cajon, than anywhere else. Want paint protection tailored only for certain exposed areas of your auto? We can do that too! The options are many, and the paint protection clear bra offers to your vehicle is tremendous. Stop by our shop today, or shoot us a call for more info.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) Benefits:

  • Track day protection
  • Paint preservation
  • Exterior Protection
  • Cost Effective
  • Entry level kits
  • Full custom coverage
  • Satin full coverage

Road debris, bugs, and small rocks, can easily blemish your car while driving. When your traveling on the California highways, with so many others driving it too, it is very easy to have your vehicle be the victim of chips and dings. This scenario is common and not a rare occurrence. In fact, it happens more often than you would think, or like to believe. So what is the solution to this common problem? It’s simple, paint protection film, or known to some as clear bra. This clear, protective, and transparent film is applied to areas of your vehicle, or your entire vehicle.

What is paint protection film or clear bra? Remember in back in the day when it was common to see a car driving down the street with a full on leather bumper mask covering the front end of the vehicle, well, essentially it’s the same thing as that but without the horrendous look. Paint protection film, again as its name implies, is a film that protects the paint of your car. The material is a virtually a invisible urethane film that is applied onto the most vulnerable locations susceptible to damage on your car, and can even but placed on the entirety of the car. This thin film acts as a barrier to any potential threats to the paint on your new vehicle, or you brand new paint job that you adore so much,.The paint protection film we use here at Haus of Wraps is Xpel, which is the top of the line and has a unique self healing trait. This specific trait can repair minor scratches and scuffs on the material which helps to keep a brilliant and “brand new” look to the vehicle. Paint Protection Film offers an effective solution that not only protects your vehicle, but helps to save you money from having to fix those blemishes.

As car enthusiasts ourselves, we pride ourselves in our cars, both personal and our clients. We provide impeccable paint protection film installation in El Cajon. Please feel free to stop by our shop, or call us with any questions you have.